Finally - I made it ... After very busy weeks and months I clicked the "go online" button! So now you can shop some fine fine stuff (all designed by myself) online where ever you live in the world. I really look forward to this exciting, new adventure and I'm happy to hear any comments, advise or opinion from you @finefinestuff, facebook or email. There is so much ahead for this little printlabel.

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MAKI minimag

Hurrah! Finally I hold it in my hands, the first issue of the lovely new MAKI minimag, a magazine for the little ones founded by Patricia. When she asked me to write the book recommendations I agreed with joy! It wasn't difficult to find some fine fine books about RAIN which is the theme of the first issue. Some of them found their way already to the blog like "Alle Wetter" by Britta Teckentrup, some are new like "Worm Weater" by Jean Taft/Matt Hunt or "Quand il pleut" by Junko Nakamura.

Take a look at all those great illustrations contributed by Steffie Brocoli, Sue Doeksen, Réka Király, Nanna Prieler, Elliot Kruszynski, Acne JR, Sarah Vanbelle, Agata Królak, Jana Glatt, Simone Porteder, Yuliya Gwilym and Ola Niepsuij. It's such a beautiful compilation and fun to browse.

Order your copy (in German, Dutch or English) here and enjoy 50 pages with stories, games, riddles and experiments together with the kids!
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